This Week’s Drug Store Deals

by Kevin on March 16, 2009

My in-laws are in town for spring break which has made it more challenging for me to find time to write a decent blog post. (And do homework.) Yesterday I didn’t have time to write about anything because we were out and about.

This week you can get three items for absolutely free after rebate or extra care bucks from Walgreens and CVS. We don’t have a Rite Aid close to us so we don’t participate in their deals.

Walgreen’s Deal for March 15-21:

  • Axe Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler – $5.99 – free after rebate

CVS Deals for March 15-21:

  • Irish Spring body wash, 15 to 18 oz. – $4.99 – get $4.99 ECB
  • Colgate Max Whitening toothpaste, 6 oz. – $2.99 – get $2.99 ECB

So yesterday we made a few stops on our way home from lunch. We bought a paper, then headed to CVS and Blockbuster. At CVS I got the two items listed above and used a $0.75 coupon on the toothpaste. The coupon was from a couple of weeks ago and applied to any adult or kid’s toothpaste. We’ll end up “making” 75 cents on the deal thanks to the coupon.

Our math worked out like this: both items together were $7.98, but after the coupon and using $7 in previous ECBs that we had earned ($3 and $4 separately) our total cost with tax and all was $0.31. So we did have some out of pocket costs, but I think you would agree that 31 cents for toothpaste and body wash together is quite a deal.

On top of only paying 31 cents for the items, we also got $8 back in Extra Care Bucks! (Well, really $4.99 + $2.99, but I’m rounding here). I think we are definitely starting to see the results of using the Extra Care Card program. Here’s to hoping they keep putting items we regularly use on sale like this deal.

With the Walgreen’s deal I had a $3.30 gift card from the previous month that I could use to knock the price of the shampoo down.

Here’s how the deal played out: $5.99 for Axe shampoo/conditioner plus 5% tax = $6.29. Apply $3.30 gift card = $2.99 out of pocket. We’ll report the receipt and end up getting $6.59 back on the gift card.

Our Shopping Totals

Irish Spring body wash, Colgate toothpaste, and Axe Shampoo/Conditioner: $3.30 total ($0.31 + 2.99) with $8 in ECBs and $6.59 coming back to us on the gift card. That’s over $14 in free money on top of the items we paid for. Throw in a $2 paper and we only spent $5.30 yesterday.

What kind of deals have you snagged this week?

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Ken March 16, 2009 at 9:59 pm

My wife went to two grocery stores and bought $139.37 worth of groceries and only paid &41.35 for it! Total savings: $98.02. She is on a mission and I’m her biggest fan.

Anthony March 17, 2009 at 6:00 am

At least in my area, you only received 4.99 extra care bucks on Irish Spring Body Wash on Sunday and Monday.

Kevin March 17, 2009 at 11:56 am

@Ken: Wow that’s stunning. How did she manage that? Coupons? Buy one get one free plus coupons?

@Anthony: Good catch. I forgot to mention that.

Ken March 17, 2009 at 3:47 pm

She keeps a close eye on the papers…always gets 3 or 4 Sunday papers…She uses buy one get one frees plus coupons…she pays attention to which stores doubles the coupons the best…if it doesn’t have a coupon she doesn’t buy it – very selective.

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