Net Worth Update: March 2009

by Kevin on April 2, 2009

I’m going to keep this short. Our net worth went up another 5.74% in March. That’s fantastic. In fact that’s the second highest jump in net worth we have had since we started tracking it back in December 2007.

Our overall growth since then is 48.5% — another new high.

Where did this jump come from?

  • Continuing our savings plan
  • My company’s small matching contribution hit my 401k account in March
  • The markets recovered a little bit in March giving us about an $800 boost since the end of February
  • Some of blogging income is ending up our checking account — I need to move it to the proper account, but haven’t done so yet

The key is we are continuing to save money regularly. At some point in the future we are going to spend this saved up money — on a car, on insurance, on refinancing our mortgage. But for now it counts as part of our total net worth. If we had to liquidate all of our assets right now we would still be sitting on a nice little pile of cash. Exactly what we want. The plan is working.

How did March treat you? Anyone else out there tracking their personal net worth?

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