Have You Received Your State Tax Refund?

by Kevin on April 3, 2009

(Photo by Dave Apple)

The State of Alabama makes me angry.

We filed our taxes electronically on February 16th. We owed the federal government, and the state of Alabama owed us. The feds took our money immediately as you would expect them to. (Yes, I know we could have scheduled the payment for later, but come on let’s just make this easy.) Alabama accepted our return immediately.

But they haven’t paid us. It’s been a month and a half. Nothing back electronically into our bank account.

The Hypocrisy of Our Tax System

Let me get this right. If I owed the state money they would want me to pay it immediately. If I went past the tax deadline they would even consider charging me interest and fees until I paid. Why? They are essentially floating me a loan.

And I understand that. If I owe someone money I should pay it and be done with it.

Yet when the government (state or federal) owes me money I am not allowed to charge them interest or fees. I am floating the government a loan and getting nothing in return.

We aren’t talking a huge amount of money here. Less than $1,000. But it is the principle of the thing here folks.

Next year we should file our taxes on the last possible day and thumb our noses at the government. Frankly I find this all ridiculous. (And I would vote and campaign for anyone who put something on the state law books about being able to charge the government money. But you and I know that will never happen.)

Hey Alabama. You owe me money. Give it to me. Please.

Anyone else out there waiting on their state (or even the feds) to pay them back?

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