State Tax Refund Delays

by Kevin on April 5, 2009

Last week I told you we have been waiting for our state tax refund since the middle of February.

The last time I logged onto Alabama’s tax website there was a way for me to check the status of my return. Even though my service provider, Tax Act Online, said my e-file was accepted I thought I would go through the process just to check.

After entering in my information I got the typical “your return has been accepted” message. It said it was being processed.

Some of the comments on the above post got my kind of spooked. Perhaps my return was flagged for an audit, perhaps there was something wrong, perhaps they never received it. I decided I should check again today, and this new message appeared:

Refunds are being issued from 6 to 8 weeks following approval, but this turnaround time will increase as April 15 approaches. Refunds are issued from the Education Trust Fund as fund balances allow. Thank you for your patience and please be assured the ADOR is doing everything possible to expedite your refund’s approval and issuance.

Monday will be the mark of seven weeks since it says our return was accepted (which I am assuming also means approved, but who knows).

Maybe we’ll actually end up getting our return soon? (Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.)

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