Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Succeed?

by Kevin on April 21, 2009

We all have goals in life. We want to accomplish this, move from here to there, get out of debt, and retire comfortably. These are all nice shiny goals at the end of a very long tunnel.

But are we willing to sacrifice today to make these goals a reality?

You want to reach a certain goal. But have you realistically thought about what it will take?

Reevaluate Your Goals and Situation

We all need to have a consistence process of

  1. evaluating current situation
  2. set goal
  3. work toward goal
  4. achieve goal

Once you reach your goal you go back to the beginning of the process and reevaluate again. It is highly likely that between Point A (your starting point) and Point B (reaching your goal) that some things have changed. Maybe those were minor things that you are comfortable ignoring. Then again they could be huge, game-changing events that suddenly make the goal you just reached inconsequential.

Is Sacrifice Required to Meet the Goal?

Let’s say you want to have paid off $4,000 in credit card debt by the end of the year. Once you evaluate the current situation you can decide whether or not you could reasonably do that with your current income and expenses.

If you can knock it out with your current income and expenses, no problem. Execute the plan and meet your goal.

But what if the answer is no? What if your calculations show that if everything stayed the same you could only pay off $2,000 worth of debt by the end of the year?

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Making Drastic Cuts

You’ve got two options if you are in the above situation. Increase your income or cut your expenses back. Cutting back expenses is usually the easier of the two options because almost everyone has something they could give up to save money. Increasing your sustainably income generally takes time — getting that second job, starting blogging, figuring out some way to earn additional income.

Making drastic cuts in your expenses can have an immediate impact. This is where the sacrifice kicks in. Sure, you could cut back eating out $5 per month. That’s not going to get you to your $4,000 goal at the end of the year.

But what if you…

  • cut out eating out entirely?
  • dropped cable and got TV through internet options (Hulu) and via antennae/over-the-air?
  • dropped your cell phone plan and pick up a pay-as-you-go plan?
  • cut out trips from your budget entirely for a few years?
  • sold your luxury car and picked up an older used vehicle (saving on vehicle costs and insurance)?

These all sound like serious, deep cuts to your lifestyle.

They are.

But if the goal is worth it — getting out of debt, paying off the house — would you be willing to make them?

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