Interesting Links for May 20, 2009

by Kevin on May 20, 2009

I came home for lunch today and thought I would share some links I’ve noticed over the past week or so. These are all from great personal finance bloggers — check them out for sure.

PT Money talks about CD laddering. I love CD laddering. We gave up on our short-term emergency fund ladder though as the CD rates were much lower than what I could earn in a liquid account at ING Direct.

Moolanomy shares a massive list of ways to save money — over 1,000 tips here.

Squawkfox (who, by the way, is an honest to goodness author) shares tips from 41 different personal finance bloggers — including me.

Master Your Card shows us 5 easy ways to lose our jobs in a recession. Classic.

Frugal Dad talks about spending money on kids at your own expense. Dangerous territory.

Man vs. Debt give us a list of the items he, his wife, and their little kiddie are taking to Australia. Classic title: How much crap do we really need?

Cash Money Life talks about credit card and ATM scams. As I mentioned recently, I hate scammers. With a passion. Grrr.

Bible Money Matters gives us his real life experience with the “making home affordable” refinance program.

And last, but not least… Get Rich Slowly, the blog that inspired me to write this blog, just went through a redesign. The new look is slick and is easy on the eyes. Way to go, JD.

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Baker @ ManVsDebt May 20, 2009 at 11:29 am

Thanks for the link-love! Glad you enjoyed the title 😉

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