Interesting Links for May 31, 2009

by Kevin on May 31, 2009

I reminded everyone earlier this month to check their annual credit report for free online. Unfortunately I’ve yet to do it myself! So I plan to knock that out today along with some other household chores. In the meantime, here are some great articles I’ve discovered from around the personal finance blogosphere recently:

Squawkfox looked to her attic to save money on energy costs, and earned a government rebate while she was at it. Doubling the amount of insulation in the attic is going to save her a ton of money on winter heating bills. Thankfully our house has a lot of new insulation and seems to be pretty draft-proof for now.

Bargaineering doesn’t need to go out to eat any more — he can make homemade dumplings. These look vaguely familiar to something we once had at my house called “pot stickers”. Anyone know the difference? I’m getting hungry just looking at them.

Moolanomy will never tell his kids they can’t afford to buy something. His alternative is great!

Mr. Cheap at Four Pillars shares his experience with peer-to-peer lending. It’s kind of ugly and blew up in his face. This is what makes me so wary of P2P lending…

Mrs. Micah tells us we need to keep more than just basic records. I completely agree, but then I look around my life and I see mostly basic records. Oops. 🙁

Remodeling This Life asks what we aren’t willing to give up to frugality. I won’t give up my internet connection or electricity!

Bible Money Matters reminds us not to let emotions get in the way of sound judgement. Emotional roller coasters can make us want to drop our principles.

Amateur Asset Allocator tell us that (my favorite company) Vanguard’s mutual funds are no longer the cheapest. Should you consider switching?

Cash Money Life shares a sporting analogy with us: The Money Marathon.

Dough Roller talks about finding affordable health insurance — one of the most pressing needs for most Americans these days!

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