Month in Review: May 2009

by Kevin on June 8, 2009

The end of my month after month consecutive growth, but I’m still satisfied. Let’s look at the numbers.

The Monthly Stats (vs. 1 month ago):

  • Posts: 32 vs. 30 (7% increase)
  • Comments/Pingbacks: 259 vs 238 (9% increase)
  • Visits: 12,643 vs. 15,526 (19% decrease)
  • Page Views: 17,749 vs. 23,159 (23% decrease)
  • RSS Subscribers: 916 vs. 882 (4% increase)

It would seem rather odd that I would be happy with a 20% drop in traffic and pageviews. Yet the comments and pingbacks the blog received went up as did the number of people subscribing. This tells me the traffic I am getting is quality, and people are engaged. I’m hoping to see that comment number to continue it’s steady rise up.

I think my traffic has likely dropped because my posts are not doing as well in social media. This is bad for traffic and pageviews (and making money off of those things), but I think the traffic I am getting is coming from quality sources like Google and other personal finance blogs. I just need to grow it.

I’m thinking of dropping the tracking of my post count. I seem to have settled into the one post per day fairly easily with minor fluctuations here and there. I don’t think it is interesting to you readers.

Then again, maybe none of this is interesting to you!

Popular in May:

These posts were the most popular based on traffic to the article.

Top Referrers:

Some great personal finance blogs linked to me this month.

What’s funny is I love all of the sites that are in my top referrers. Thanks for the love!

  1. Frugal Dad (+2)
  2. Get Rich Slowly (0)
  3. I Will Teach You to Be Rich (+1)
  4. Squawkfox (new)
  5. Moolanomy (+4)
  6. WiseBread (probably because I’m on their Top 100 Personal Finance Bloggers list — woohoo!) (0)
  7. Poorer Than You (0)
  8. Cash Money Life (new)
  9. Master Your Card (-4)
  10. Northern Cheapskate (new)

What’s Coming in June:

  • Continuation of Subscriber Swap Saturday which seems to be growing in popularity quite a lot
  • More great personal finance posts
  • A week’s worth of things that I love, but know I shouldn’t

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Pinyo June 8, 2009 at 9:01 am

Congratulation on all your successes. Don’t worry about the traffic drop because I think it’s seasonal. The weather is nicer and people are on the net less.

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