Net Worth Update: May 2009

by Kevin on June 8, 2009

Our net worth actually dropped in May. This really confused me specifically because we had a large surplus left over at the end of the month.

Our net worth went down 2.3% — not a small sum! I sat and stared at our finances for a while and I think I figured out what happened.

Due to our refinancing I was late in being able to setup our mortgage for electronic payment. The payment took a while to go through, and may have skewed the numbers a bit. Additionally our total mortgage amount went up a couple hundred of dollars due to the refinance and negatively impacted net worth (more liabilities = less net worth).

On top of that I had to pay my summer class tuition out of pocket and put it on the Visa (to pay off at the end of the month). That was a large hit because I haven’t been reimbursed for my last class yet.

The good news is we had a lot of money left over at the end of the month, and our investments went up in value as well. I read online that the past few months were some of the best the market had sinec 2007. Of course that’s not saying too much seeing how the markets have been since then…

What happened with your net worth last month? Do you even track it, or do you just close your eyes and hope the numbers will improve?

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