Wanted: Subscriber Swap Saturday Participants

by Kevin on June 12, 2009

For those of my readers that run a personal finance blog and have been what I consider moderately successful, this post is for you.

As most of your know by now I run a series on Saturdays called Subscriber Swap Saturday. The idea is that I interview you, you interview me, and we post up our interviews at the same time on a Saturday.

We ask our readers to visit the other blog, check it out, and subscribe for a week to give it a test run.

Hopefully they like what they find and it’s a win-win: readers find more blogs they like, and bloggers get more subscribers reading their material.

That having been said I need more folks to interview! You can check out the requirements at the Subscriber Swap Saturday page. Generally I look for a healthy amount of RSS subscribers (if you are close, but not over the limit still reach out to me).

Tomorrow you’ll see an interview go up with Weakonomics. Thanks for your continued reading!

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