Subscriber Swap Saturday: Money Relationship

by Kevin on June 20, 2009

This is the twenty-seventh edition of Subscriber Swap Saturday.

For the uninitiated, every Saturday I do an interview with another blogger. That blogger also interviews me and posts that interview on their website.We then tell our readers — hey, I think this guy is interesting, you should subscribe to his blog for a week.

This week I’m interviewing Money Relationship. I highly encourage all of my readers to subscribe to his blog and see if you like what you find! Read more about Subscriber Swap Saturday at the link above. His questions for me are up on his blog.

Question (No Debt Plan):What’s your relationship with money?

Answer (Money Relationship): Well, my relationship with money was not that great during the last few years. I decided to take the student loan route for my undergraduate and graduate degree and now I am in way over my head with student debt. After I realized the problem, I vowed not to put myself in this type of position ever again. I’m not that huge a fan of debt and I don’t want anyone to go through what I am. I have learned to love my money and I want to keep it. It’s easy to say that, but even harder to do it. I hope my site will help me revitalize my relationship with money as well as my readers with theirs.

Q: You moved to Texas for graduate school after having lived in rural Pennsylvania most of your life. How’d you pull it off?

A: I made the move rather suddenly so I didn’t have much time to think about it. I imagine that if I would have decided to make the trip several months before I went, I would have talked myself out of it. I have absolutely no regrets about going and you have to think about it in those terms if you want to succeed. If there is something out there that you want to do, put your mind to it and accomplish it.

Q: How did you handle the financial costs of college and grad school?

A: Well, as I mentioned above, it was with debt. Looking back, I know I could have paid for a majority of it with cash and now I wish I would have.

Q: You went to grad school to get a Masters in Financial Planning, hoping to land a job in that field. Is that what you’re doing with your career currently?

A: The financial planning field is not in the greatest shape right now, especially for recent graduates. Therefore, I haven’t really had a great deal of success finding something that I would be proud of in a career. Actually, just yesterday I just accepted a full-time job working in the tax field which is something that I also enjoy doing.

Q: What do you plan to achieve with your blog?

A: I really hope to make my site a first-stop for individuals with money questions. I think that financial education is a very important topic in today’s society and if I can get people interested in finding out about a certain topic, that would make me the happiest.

Q: Do you have a technical background to assist you in your blogging endeavors, or are you just learning as you go?

A: I have no idea what HTML or CSS stands for. I like to contract out most of my technical blogging endeavors. I feel like I can spend my time doing more productive things than learning about the technical things.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: My ideal career goal is to have a financial counseling/planning business. I really enjoy talking to individuals about the basic financial things (getting out of debt, basic investing, car shopping, etc.). I really hope to start something like this on the side and eventually make it a full-time things within a few years.

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Thanks for the interview, MR! Best of luck finding that financial planning job. That’s something I’d like to pursue as well.

Hey bloggers — I need more people for Subscriber Swap Saturday. MR reached out to me and asked if he could do it, and I gave him the green light. You should ask, too.

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