Net Worth Update, June 2009

by Kevin on July 8, 2009

June was another good month for us in terms of net worth growth. We rebounded from our slight decline in May.

Net Worth:

  • 2.76% increase from last month
  • 59.49% increase since we started tracking in December 2007
  • 16.25% increase since beginning of 2009

July should be another great month simply because I get paid weekly and there are five paychecks in July. Sweet!

We’re getting closer and closer to the mythical six figure net worth mark. In the end this is a mostly useless number because there are many factors you simply can’t track.

For example the value of my house is truly determined when it sells, not when the tax assessor or appraiser comes by to tell me what it is worth. Then you have to factor in real estate agent commissions, possibly paying closing costs for the buyer, etc.

Nonetheless as long as we keep what we are tracking the same (that is, the same variables tracked in the same way every month) we get an accurate representation of how we are progressing.

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