Implementing Reader Feedback

by Kevin on August 25, 2009

I asked for your constructive feedback last week.

Some of you responded. (Thank you!)

Here are suggestions and comments I received (generally speaking, not exact quotes):

  • One reader likes reading my success stories. The same reader also enjoys when I make mistakes. Both are learning experiences that I hope readers can take something from to apply in their own lives. I’ll do my best to continue to bring you personal stories from my life. (Even if they are forehead slapping mistakes.)
  • Some readers don’t like when I write in series. Examples: last week I wrote about car ownership and maintenance, buying tires online, etc.
    • This is a challenge because I try to keep topics together for a few reasons: they are easier to write all in a row, and if you are interested you are likely to come back the next day to see the next article. I’ll try to balance this out though and mix up my topics so I don’t have five days straight of the same topic.
  • Several readers enjoyed the Subscriber Swap series and want more of it. I’d love to provide more, but I need more potential participants to ask to participate!
  • Some readers would be willing to help promote my articles via social media — if I showed them how to do it. I plan to write a post on how to do this in the future.
  • One reader thought I could mix things up a bit by answering specific reader questions and posting them. (Of course I would remove personal information and address the financial topic at hand.) This is something I’d love to try, but I’ll really need my readers to step up to start asking questions.
  • Another reader wanted me to write about giving to charity. Not just to churches, but to other organizations.

I plan to try and implement most of these. I’ll share more of our mistakes and successes. I’ll try to keep to vary my posts so I don’t hammer on one topic for a long period of time.

Participate: Subscriber Swap Saturday and Reader Questions

These are three things I need active feedback from you on. If you are a blogger check out the Subscriber Swap Saturday page and let me know if you want to participate.

I’d love to take your questions on specific topics. The same reader that suggested this sent in a question that I will be addressing tomorrow. I would like to try and do this at least once per week. Got a question? Drop me an e-mail: nodebtplan at gmail dot com.

Again thanks for your continued readership. I hope these improvements will make your reader experience all the more better.

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