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by Kevin on October 28, 2009

I know of all the visitors that come to this blog I can’t be alone in my love of fantasy sports. Fantasy football and College Pick’em is more my thing because I love football over all other sports.

This year I am participating in a few fantasy leagues with other personal finance bloggers; the first of which was a fantasy baseball league through Yahoo — something I had never done. I understand the basics of baseball,  but I’m not a huge fan of any team.

Plus I didn’t know what all the different stat categories meant when we first started. I had to do some quick research to try and get up to speed.

Does it sound like I am making excuses? I wonder why…

PF Bloggers Fantasy Baseball 2009

PF bloggers fantasy baseball update

Here are the final results from our league. I finished in 5th place — just barely in front of 6th and 7th.

What I learned:

  • Major League Baseball’s season is extraordinarily long. 162 games is a lot to play in one season. This made the fantasy experience much different because you virtually had to change your lineup every day. (Compare this to football where you change your lineup once per week because the games are all played on Sunday/Monday primarily.)
  • Baseball is random and full of streaks and slumps. I kind of felt like I was trying to time investing in the stock market. This player is doing good now — but will it continue going forward? Or will it fall away? This guy is in a slump — is he a value, or does his “stock” have further to fall?
  • Fantasy baseball is probably not for me. The season was just too long for me. Constantly monitoring everything (who is injured, who is pitching tomorrow, etc.) was just too much for me.
  • I like MLB Network Television. I became really fond of watching the crews on MLB Network. They’ve done a great job and I believe NFL Network is making changes to try and match their success.

Some of the people that played and some of their great posts:

PF Bloggers Fantasy Football 2009
PF bloggers fantasy football update

As you can see, Fantasy Football is going much better for me! 🙂 I am currently in a three way tie for first place, but it is a long season and anyone can still win it. (Trust me at one point I was winning the fantasy baseball league before crashing and burning.)

Anyone else busy with fantasy sports this time of year?

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J. Money November 5, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Boy, I forgot all about this league! haha….appreciate the shout out though 🙂

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