Writing Two eBooks and Was in a Car Accident

by Kevin on November 19, 2009

Things have been really hectic in my life over the last week. I had planned to have a new article posted yesterday or today. Unfortunately life jumped in the way of that.

Here’s a peek into what’s been going on.

Sunday: went to the doctor with a sore throat; diagnosed with strep; given prescription to knock it out

Monday: stayed home from work due to being potentially contagious, started working on the first of two planned eBooks I am writing (more on that in a moment); dog threw up on the carpet under my computer desk to top off the day

Tuesday: went back to work to try and get caught up on being out for a day; went to a business lunch; was rear-ended on the highway (at a stop light); whole list of annoyances to go along with that situation (getting a car rental, getting checked out at the same clinic I was at Sunday for strep, etc.). Thankful that my back and neck are just sore, no broken, chipped, or cracked bones according to x-rays.

Wednesday: sore back continues to annoy me, back at work, got car rental; miss the last class of Financial Peace University (real bummer!)

Thursday: more of the same; back at work.

So that car accident has definitely thrown a wrench into my blogging activities. But I’m getting back into it and hope to knock another article out for all of you tomorrow.

Upcoming Personal Finance eBook Plans

Consider this a quasi-announcement. I am planning to write two relatively short eBooks on specific personal finance topics.

The topics:

  • An extensive guide on how to check your free credit report. Also included will be a way to set up a system so that you don’t have to constantly remind yourself to check the reports.
  • An extensive guide on getting pre-approved for a mortgage. This guide will show you everything you need to bring to the table to show the mortgage lenders you are serious about your financial situation, and serious about making the process easy for them.

I was hoping to bang out the credit report guide in a few weeks and release it either at Christmas or New Years. With all of the hassle going on around my car accident I’m not sure if I can stick to that timeline. I’m definitely going to try!

Beta Testers Needed for eBooks

Once things start to come together around the eBooks I will be looking for beta testers to buy the products at a significant discount.

Right now I’m thinking a 70% or 80% discount once I figure out the pricing.

As a beta tester you will receive early, mostly finished copies at the discounted rate. In return I would get feedback on the products. You feedback will be instrumental in shaping the final product.

Of course once the final product is released my beta testers will get an updated final copy, and I’ll make sure they get it before the general public does.

I’ve been blogging for almost two years and this is my first venture into eBooks. I’m learning as I go here. There’s a decent chance I will make mistakes — but life is about learning from mistakes. It should be a lot of fun, too! I look forward to going down this path with you.

For now if you would be interested in beta testing feel free to leave a comment. Once life settles down on my end (if it ever does!) I will be setting up a mailing list specifically for beta testers to sign up with. But that’s a few weeks down the road.

In the meantime keep your focus on your financial success. I’ll be back with more posts sometime soon.

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