Guest Posting Guidelines Created

by Kevin on December 3, 2009

As I recently mentioned I am in the midst of writing an eBook or two. I’m not abandoning this blog by any means. I plan to continue to bring you quality personal finance articles during and after this writing process.

That having been said I’ve never written an eBook before. It’s a bit different from writing blog posts, and I’m learning a lot as I go through the process. I’m pretty busy!

I know some of my readers are aspiring bloggers that would love to get exposure on blogs that have a larger audience than their own. Guest posting on other blogs is a great opportunity to get your name out there and to drive traffic to your blog. (This was one of the key ways I’ve been able to slowly grow the growth of No Debt Plan.)

I’m not under the illusion that I am a super blogger with millions of unique visitors every month, but I think we’ve got an intelligent and interested community here that would listen to your perspective.

In the past when I have needed guest posts I have put a message out on Twitter (@nodebtplan) and have received responses that way.

But I want to cast my nets further, and today I have posted up guidelines on how to guest post for No Debt Plan. (There is also a link in the upper right navigation under “Guest Posting”.)

The guidelines break down exactly what I’m looking for. I encourage you to read through them and reach out to me if you are interested.

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