Our 2010 Financial Goals

by Kevin on January 1, 2010

Our financial goal planning is pretty dull. We initiated a plan a few years ago and are still in the midst of that plan.

Parts of the plan we are still implementing:

  • maxing our two Roth IRAs each year
  • saving on a schedule to buy two new vehicles with cash in 2012 and 2014
  • saving for potential future children’s education and living costs
  • paying off our second mortgage ASAP

We’ve successfully stayed on track with all of the above — especially the mortgage! I recently wrote Dominating Our Second Mortgage in 2010. If everything goes to plan we should be able to pay it off in August of this year.

That will be a very good day!

Looking at our goals I am happy with where we stand. We have stayed the course and moved forward successfully.

Here’s to a great 2010!

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