Your Spouse: Financial Teammate or Financial Enemy?

by Kevin on January 11, 2010

Last week I was blessed enough to celebrate three years of marriage with my amazing wife. Not only has marriage just been awesome, but I am very blessed to be married to a woman that is on the same financial page as I am. She is a true financial teammate.

How This Married Team Works

We work together on financial issues.

Yes, I take the lead on financial issues because I know more about the topic. But this isn’t a dictatorship. We talk and resolve any issues before moving forward.

We implement the plan together.

Even though I love personal finance and spend a lot of time immersing myself in the subject, I do have moments of weakness… like the time I wanted to sell my car and buy a 6+ year old BMW M Coupe.

We talk out mistakes.

You will never implement the perfect plan. You will make mistakes. Get used to it.

As I’m sure many football and basketball coaches have said to their teams: it isn’t the mistake, it is how you react to the mistake.

How the Other Team Plays

But what if…

  • your spouse isn’t a teammate?
  • they aren’t supportive?
  • they don’t care about budgeting, investing for the future, or retirement?

Not everyone is as lucky as I am.

In my next article I’ll show you the huge risks of living with a financial enemy. Stay tuned.

Is your spouse a teammate or enemy when it comes to your finances? Leave a comment below.

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