Announcement: Sign Up to Beta Test My eBook

by Kevin on February 8, 2010

Update: I’ve closed off the beta sign up. Stay tuned for updates on the eBook in the future.

Yesterday I told you there would be more information about becoming a beta tester for my upcoming eBook.

If you’re super eager and just want to sign up the form is below.

A little interested, but somewhat cautious? I’ve put more details about beta testing after the sign up form.

What’s this eBook about?

I’m writing an eBook about how to check your credit report for absolutely free. Okay, so that sounds like blog post material. I’ll admit that.

It’s not just an eBook. It’s a strategy focused on taking an infrequent yet really critical task (checking your free credit reports) off your mental to-do list while still getting that task done in a smart manner.

Some of the topics I cover:

  • an explanation of the credit scoring system
  • a step by step walkthrough of what your credit report looks like
  • a guide explaining how you will never have to pay to see your credit report again
  • a section on freezing your credit and how to dispute errors you find (because you will find them!)

Tell me about this beta testing thing…

I am writing an eBook about checking your credit report for free. The eBook is partnered with a reminder service that will automatically remind you when it is time for you to check your credit report for free.

I’m looking for people to help me polish the eBook and the service. I need real life users to tell me what is good, what is bad, and what needs to be fixed.

The Benefits of Beta Testing

I don’t believe in giving away the product for free even in a draft stage. I’m looking for beta users that would have become users when I officially launch the product.

I am anticipating the final price to be in the $10 to $20 range — and I’m giving beta testers a huge discount!

Here’s what I’m offering:

  • access to the current draft of the eBook
  • early access to the credit report reminder service
  • early access to the full eBook before it launches (after I make the tweaks the beta testers suggest)
  • cost to you: $3 (that’s 70% on a $10 product and an 85% discount on a $20 product)

I’ll also throw in a money back guarantee if you decide the eBook and service isn’t worth your while.

Bottom line: you are risking $3 (with a money back guarantee) plus a little bit of your time to get a solid eBook and a valuable reminder service in return.

What I’m Looking For

It’s pretty simple. I need engaged users that are truly interested in making the product better. If you’ve got English/grammar/copy editing experience that’s a huge plus, but not a requirement.

If you don’t see the value in paying $3 for an eBook plus a reminder service then this isn’t for you. I’m good with that — just please keep reading my blog 🙂

Also: I’m looking for 50-60 beta testers MAX. I think I’ll be lucky if that many people are interested. If so I may cut off enrollment early. We’ll see.

If you’re still interested please submit your information on the form below. I’ll be releasing more information on the beta tester’s newsletter list soon so I don’t cover up the regular blog readers with information they don’t need. Thanks!

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