Alabama State Tax Refunds 2010

by Kevin on March 4, 2010

Last year one of my post popular posts was about the state of Alabama’s delay (and then final getting my refund after two months) in getting tax refunds to its citizens.

I’m hoping today’s post isn’t one of the most popular of my posts in 2010. I’d much rather everyone get their tax refunds back in a timely manner.

Yet I filed my taxes on February 18, 2010. My federal and state returns were accepted.

…I’m still waiting.

When Will Alabama Send Tax Refunds?

Last year I had to wait two months to get my return back. I think I was one of the lucky ones. There were several people who left comments on the posts last year saying they had been waiting much longer and still hadn’t received anything.

There is really no telling when Alabama will send out refunds. My federal return was accepted and the system said to allow 5 to 6 weeks to get your refund back. When your state return is accepted you don’t get any kind of target date at all.

That’s comforting.

Tax Refunds and Education Fund

Here’s the main issue with Alabama’s tax refunds. When you check your refund status (more on how to do that below) this is the message you receive:

Refunds are issued from the Education Trust Fund as fund balances allow. Thank you for your patience and please be assured the ADOR is doing everything possible to expedite your refund’s approval and issuance.

So the tax dollars go into the big pool. The education system uses the same pool, so they get first “dibs” on the money to make sure the education system doesn’t shut down.

Your ability to be refunded depends on the flow of taxes coming in across the state. When there is enough money to pay out refunds they get paid out. If there isn’t enough money no refunds get paid out.

Check Your Alabama Tax Refund Status

You can check your Alabama state tax refund status at the Department of Revenue website.
To check your status you will need:

  • Your social security number
  • Which tax form you used and whether you sent the return in via mail or electronically
  • Your filing status (single, married filing joint, etc.)
  • Your refund amount

Are You Waiting on Your Alabama Refund?

I’d like to start gathering comments from other Alabama residents that are waiting on their refunds.

How long have you been waiting? Leave a comment, and we’ll all hope that we all get our refunds faster than last year.

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