Interesting Links for March 20, 2010

by Kevin on March 20, 2010

I haven’t linked out to some of the other great personal finance bloggers out there recently. Here’s a massive roundup for you to take a look at.

What Is That On My Credit Card Bill? – A look at changes you should be seeing on your credit card statements.

Roth IRA Distributions: Rules And Caveats

Best Places to Purchase Textbooks for Students — Before spending money on that brand new textbooks, take a look at this article and give yourself the opportunity to save a few hundred dollars each semester. I remember the frustration of spending so much money on textbooks. Anything you can do to save money, the better.

The High Price of “Low Cost” Payday Loans – A sad business model that costs its users dearly.

The New Credit Card Statements Are Here – Another blogger’s look at the new credit card statements.

What Are Junk Bonds?

5 Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score Without Using Credit – You would think you couldn’t hurt your score if you didn’t use credit. You’d think wrong!

What is a Good Credit Score? – A good explanation.

Choices in Discount Brokerage Firms – They charge discount prices. Should you get discount services?

Savings Accounts for Children – A good read.

Fire your bank with the Switch Bank Accounts Checklist (free download) – A great tool for you to switch to, I don’t know, maybe one of those reward checking accounts I’ve been telling you about!

Sallie Mae Bank Savings Account: Plus 10% Upromise Bonus

How to File an Amended Tax Return If you realize you made a mistake on your taxes, it’s easy to fix with an amendment.

SEP IRA – Contribution Limits and Deadlines – Self-employed? You should probably take a look at this.

Top 10 Smarmy Financial Products on TV – A great look at some very odd financial products.

I might never buy a house again – Definitely something we’ve considered!

3 Things To Remember About Roth IRAs – Ah, Roth IRAs, how I love thee.

What’s a Good Credit Score ? Should You Care and How to Check It – Another look at credit scores.

Roth IRA Income Limits: Aged, Contributed, Phased Out, and Converted – Roth IRAs, I love thee so much, I shall link to thee twice.

Affordable Health Insurance When You are Self Employed – A huge concern for the self-employed!

How to Maximize You Rewards Credit Card – We do this. You should consider it, too.

Credit Reports vs. Credit Scores: Know the Difference

Should I Open a Online Bank Account? – (Yes!)

Passive Income Distractions– What You Need to Watch Out For


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