Most Popular Posts of April 2010

by Kevin on May 3, 2010

I’ve had readers in the past let me know they appreciate when I link back to some of my older posts. I thought we would take a look at the most popular posts this month and from Aprils in the past.

April 2010

  • Alabama State Tax Refunds 2010 – My most (unfortunately) popular post of the month. Alabama has once again delayed sending out tax refunds, and there are over 235 comments from my fellow Alabamaians expressing their frustration with the delays.
  • Why Educating Kids on Checkbooks is a Step in the Wrong Direction – I think the future of the checkbook is quite bleak. Instead of focusing on how to balance a checkbook we should show students how to use online budgeting and banking software to manage their money.
  • Will Alabama Pay Interest on Tax Refunds? – With so many people still waiting on their state tax refund from Alabama many have wondered if they would be paid interest on the balance due to them.
  • How to Fly Around Financial Ash Clouds – That ash cloud in Iceland? Yea. Stranded lots of tourists. Tourists who promptly went broke because they were spending their last dollars to go on vacation. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I also wrote a guest post over at Perkstreet’s blog. Check it out: Keeping Romance in Your Life Means Keeping it in Your Budget.

April 2009

I’ll be back later this week. I don’t plan to hammer on tax topics too much longer, but later this week I’ll show you how to change your federal and state tax withholdings to adjust your refund amount. (Subscribe via RSS or e-mail updates so you won’t miss the next post.)

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