Recently Featured At Perkstreet and Untemplater

by Kevin on June 3, 2010

My posting here at No Debt Plan has been a little inconsistent lately. There’s a few good reasons for that…

  1. Life has been crazy,
  2. Life continues to be crazy, and
  3. I’ve been writing elsewhere

Elsewhere? Elsewhere?! What is this elsewhere I speak of?

I’ve recently had the opportunity to write for two growing and popular websites: Perkstreet and Untemplater.

Perkstreet is a financial company that offers a cash back debit card. They’ve got a growing blog, and I’ve had two articles recently shared with the growing community there:

I also had the wonderful opportunity to share my perspective with the passionate readers at Untemplater. Untemplater is a very unique site on living an “unstandard” life. Their motto? Work where you want… Live how you want… Be want you want to be.

My post, Big Tax Refund? No Big Deal, was shared with those readers earlier this week. It tells the story of my relationship with massive tax refunds.

I think all three posts are good reads and would love to hear your thoughts on them. Feel free to drop comments over at those sites, and I’ll do my best to reply.

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