Carnival of Money Stories #64 – No Debt Plan Edition

by Kevin on July 26, 2010

This edition of the Carnival of Money stories should be titled the “I signed up to host a blog carnival the same weekend I was in the best man in a wedding back home (6 hours away)” edition.

Phew! But we’re here, we made it.

There were a lot of great submissions this week, but I tried to focus heavily on actual personal stories from the bloggers that submitted articles. We’ve got a great bunch this week. You might also want to check out my own recent story of how we paid off our 2nd mortgage in under three years.

Carnival of Money Stories #64: Editor’s Pick

There were three great articles that I really enjoyed this week. They were either personal, very detailed, or just absolutely shocking.

Our top three posts this week are…

Good Financial Cents gives us 23 different ways you can save money building your dream home. What I love about this post is the level of detail he went into. No jokes aside, Jeff actually just finished building his dream home. He’s speaking from real life experience and shares a lot of details. Great post.

Len Penzo shares the shocking story of his teenage son, his cell phone, and the $1,055.20 bill. Ouch! This of course is one of those shocking stories. All you parents with kids that reaching cell phone age need to read this one!

Donna Freedman tells us that giving is essential. While this is a simple story I really liked the deep personal touch of the details. It was one of those articles that made me sit back and think for a while, and that doesn’t happen too much when I read online.

Other Great Stories from This Week

Thanks for stopping by! Now get those articles ready for the next Carnival of Money Stories!

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