3 Tips to Using Social Media to Get Customer Service Satisfaction

by Kevin on February 2, 2011

Last week I told you to Skip the Phone Tree and Call Executive Customer Service to get resolution to major issues you have with any company. If your bill is wrong, you’ve received horrible service, or you’re experiencing a service disruption… calling Executive Customer Service works. I’ve had the unfortunate honor of having to do just that on multiple occasions.

But last week I told you I would share how I’ve received resolution to issues using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

AT&T’s Social Media Customer Care Team

As I was searching for the best executive customer service phone number for AT&T’s DSL service I came across some other beneficial information. AT&T has some Twitter accounts for news, updates, and — ah ha! — customer service. I told my story on Twitter and included their profile name (so my posts would show up in their timeline): @ATTCustomerCare.

Instead of telling you what I did I thought I would just show you. Oh, and you can follow me @nodebtplan — next time you’ll get to watch me get customer service as it happens!(For the uninitiated you read from the bottom up, not top down):

Use social media for customer service results

My first tweet was at 12:21pm on the 25th of January. In 10 minutes exactly, 12:31pm, I had a reply from @ATTCustomerCare with instructions on how to proceed with contacting one of their specific social media agents. I followed the instructions, explained my issue again, and after some calls were made we received a call from the proper folks at AT&T DSL. Our issue was resolved by the 28th.

3 Tips to Getting Customer Service Through Twitter

There are some important lessons to note on how to get resolution of your issue using Twitter or Facebook. Here’s three major ones I thought of…

1. Research the company’s social media presence

Is the company even utilizing social media? Do they have a Twitter account? Are they on Facebook?

Most companies are, but if not then your efforts are going to be wasted. No social media presence = get on Google and find executive customer service.

2. State your case clearly.

Grabbing a new account at Twitter and venting¬†uncontrollably¬†is like calling customer service and just screaming nonstop. It might make you feel better, but you’re wasting the rep/company’s time and they’re going to let you cool off before trying to help you.

Stay calm and state your issue clearly. Walk through the issue. They know how to read social media. Use as many messages as you needed to get the “core” issue across to them. Make sure you use their username so it will show up in their social media feed.

3. Provide the company’s social media team time to respond.

Feel somewhat better?

Now wait.

Depending on company they may respond within minutes (I was really impressed with AT&T’s 10 minute response) or hours. If it goes beyond a handful of hours then the company isn’t doing a good job in social media. Social media is fast paced and praise/criticism can grow virally in hours. They should be reacting fast to anything significant mentioning them.

Also the main social media account isn’t likely to help you out — they’ll point you to a specific rep that can help as AT&T did in my case. You need to handle this new relationship very carefully. You’re talking to a real live employee that has had your issue delegated to them. They’re on the social media team so it means they’ve got the right numbers and can make things happen. Work with them and don’t be annoying.

Using the above three steps we got resolution to our problem. Someone from AT&T called my wife (as I had asked them to since I’m working long hours) and essentially apologized and said they would take care of everything for us. I logged in that evening and our billed had been changed to the correct amount.

Has anyone else used these tactics? What was the result?

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