How to Get Value for Your Appliances — from 6 Hours Away

by Kevin on March 17, 2011

This week I’ve shared that we accepted a low offer on our house (and explained why) and told you to negotiate like hell when you sell your house (or anything else). ¬†As part of the house selling process we negotiated to keep our washer and dryer. The buyer wanted them, but claimed to not have enough money to buy them from us. So instead of leaving them there we need to figure out what to do with them.

Oh, and one minor detail… we live six hours away now.

3 Ways to Offload Your Appliances

There are three options we are considering right now. And we need to hurry because closing is right around the corner.

Sell Appliances to Friends

The first option we tried (and are still trying) is to sell to someone we know and trust. We’ve reached out to former co-workers and people we went to church with in our old town in hopes of finding a buyer.

If I were looking for used appliances I would rather buy from someone I know than some random person I found online. We’re willing to give friends or former co-workers a good deal in order to move the appliances. We’ve got one interested buyer at this point, so the jury is still out on whether or not this will end up working.

The only risk with selling to someone you know is the issue of any kind of warranty. Even if it is understood upfront that the appliances are sold “as is” you risk damaging the relationship if there are any issues. If your friend installs them in their home and after a few uses the washer completely dies you might get an angry phone call. Is it worth it?

Sell Appliances on Craigslist or Facebook

If we can’t sell to someone we know in our old town we can try putting the appliances on Craigslist or Facebook’s market. This is option won’t cost us anything while still giving us a broad audience to broadcast to.

The only problem with this type of selling is you might run into some tire-kickers. You’ll need someone at your old home to let people in. It can become a huge hassle if they don’t end up buying up front. Selling to friends would be much easier.

Donate Appliances

If all else fails we can donate the appliances to a local charity and receive a tax deduction for our troubles. Depending on how high of a value we can place on the appliances it might not be that painful financially either. (We’ve been using what we think we could donate them for, and the associated tax deduction, as a basis for our selling price.)

There are lots of people in need these days thanks to the recession, and lots of potential places to donate. There is a particular non-profit that is just down the street from where we live that we could donate to.

One perk of donating is that once you agree to donate, it’s a done deal. There’s no haggling on price or worrying if the check will cash or not. And some non-profits will even come to your house with a truck to get the donation from you — removing the hassle and cost of having someone else move it for you.

We’re trying the first option currently, but Craigslist and donating are not far behind. Some of you commented last time that we should just leave them — if you had to pick one of these options, what would it be?

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Tracy March 18, 2011 at 6:08 am

Kevin, Congratulations on selling your home! I read often, but I get busy and forget to come back to comment. (I used to comment under BusyMom title.)

If in your shoes, I would rather donate. Our family scrimps and saves so that we can give back to others. I don’t consign my children’s clothes. Instead we give to others who are struggling. I also play the drugstore game to give back to our community. So, if I had the option of making a little money or helping someone else, I always choose to give back. This choice is just what hubby and I have chosen is our mission . . . to help others.

Congrats again on the house! I know this is a wonderful burden that will be lifted when the closing commences.

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