How to Get a Washer and Dryer for 50% Off

by Kevin on June 10, 2011

When my wife and I left our house behind in Birmingham, we tried to sell our washer and dryer combo to the new buyer. The buyer wanted the units essentially for free, and we were having no part in that. Instead, we ended up donating the appliances to Habitat for Humanity for the tax write off (and good feelings of having helped out someone else in our former community).

Since then we have been living in a town house and using the landlord’s older washer and dryer. We obviously will not be able to take these appliances with us (nor would we want to!), so we are back on the hunt for a new washer and dryer at a good price.

Never Pay Retail

My wife and I are not a huge fan of paying retail. We want to get a discounted price on just about everything we purchase (within reason). We will not work hours and hours to earn a small discount. If no extra discount is there to be had, then we go ahead and purchase and move on with our lives.

Luckily, discounts are to be had on appliances.

Negotiate with the Big Box Store

The first option to try is straight up negotiation with the big box store. These stores sell a lot of volume and should be more apt to give you a deal. Dave Ramsey likes to encourage his readers to walk into stores with cash in hand, ready to make a deal. Cash makes things move along, even when it might go against “corporate policy”. It shows you are serious, and ready to purchase today.

While this type of negotiation may garner you a discount of some sort, it will not be able to touch the 50% discount my wife and I just received on our new appliances.

Use Your Employer’s Discount

In the summer of 2008 I wrote about utilizing your employer’s negotiated discounts to get appliances at a significant discount. I shared the story of how my wife and I saved over $1,000 when we purchased our new refrigerator, washer, and dryer. The percentage discount was in the 25% to 30% range for all three appliances. That’s a huge discount considering we did not have to negotiate anything. It was as simple as signing up with Whirlpool’s website, entering my employer’s code, and a couple of clicks later the appliances are lined up for delivery.

Due to our previous success we went right back to the same employer discount program. We found the margin of discount to be a slightly thinner than it used to be, but still worthwhile compared to paying retail. We could have saved about 20% to 25% by purchasing through this same program.

But we wanted more…

Take an Unpopular Color

If you really want to save big on a washer and dryer combination, take an unpopular color. If the manufacturer or retailer have a lot of units sitting around collecting dust, they will be more apt to give you a good deal.

We will not be able to get 100% confirmation that this was why we earned a huge deal on our appliances, but that is the only reason we could come up with.

How good of a deal?

The white or silver version of the washer and dryer we purchased were each about $200 to $250 more than the red units we ended up purchasing. They are the exact same model, just different colors. That extra discount pushed the overall discount to 50%. We are paying as much for our washer and dryer (and delivery) as most people pay for just one of those units. A killer discount!

Is red our favorite color? Absolutely not. Does the color of our washer and dryer, which will sit behind closed doors 99.9% of the time, really matter in the long run? No. Is buying a color we do not “love” worth saving another $400 to $500? Heck yea!

So if you are in the market for a major appliance purchase, use the above tips. For the second time in a row we had the most success (and least amount of hassle thanks to not having to negotiate) with my employer’s negotiated discount direct with the manufacturer. Add in taking an unpopular color and the dollars really start to add up.

Has anyone used their work benefits to get a discount like this in the past? Are you even aware of your employer having this type of deal?


No Debt MBA June 10, 2011 at 7:56 am

I’ve seen great deals at Lowes for very slightly dented appliances. My dad regularly buys from them for over 70% off and gets a top-end appliance with free delivery. Their refrigerator’s nick was hidden by their kitchen cabinets once it was installed. I have found that the discounts on similar items at Home Depot and other stores are not as good.

Tracy @ June 10, 2011 at 11:36 am

Congratulations, Kevin! Great job using your available resources to help you save money, energy, and time.

Having used my husband’s employer discounts, our family has saved significantly on eye exams, pest control, clothing, sporting events, monthly cell phone service and phone accessories, and more. Thankfully, my husband’s employer’s benefits office sends special rates and coupons through their monthly newsletter. If I have not seen a discount on a service or item I am researching, I will shoot off an e-mail or make a call to the benefits department before spending time searching for a deal.

Shopping early for a large purchase item helped Paul and I obtain a great price on our refrigerator. Having our house built, we knew about 3 months in advance when our closing date would be. Keeping an eye on sales and stopping in the appliance departments of stores we visited assisted us with a reasonable price we wanted to pay. When we found a discontinued model at Lowe’s for about $800 off the original price, less than our budgeted amount, and perfect for the space needed, we bought it without regret or debt.

Thanks for sharing your great savings. Keep up the great work!
~ Still would like to see the entire article in the reader, but I understand your partial feed.

Commercial Capital Training June 23, 2011 at 9:48 am

Interesting to read about color and pricing of appliances. This is probably something most people would be reluctant to sacrifice, but compromising on color (especially for something that sits in a closet!) seems worth it; great post.

Upload Pictures July 14, 2011 at 6:38 am

always have great articles..can always use the savings these days

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