How to Make Your Valentine Feel Loved the Remaining 364 Days of the Year

by Kevin on February 15, 2014

I hope the chocolates and roses went over well despite the astronomical price tag you likely paid for them.

severely dislike Valentine’s Day. In fact my amazing wife, who is laying her head on my shoulder as I write this, just said “I feel like you are the Valentine’s Day Grinch.”

A title I am quite proud to brandish!

I wrote about celebrating Valentine’s Day for the right reasons back in 2010. I’m just not a fan. It’s a greeting card holiday with high prices on the “required” items.

Leading up to yesterday’s big event every single commercial on ESPN is a massive guilt trip on men.

You’ve got Sherry’s Berries… because she really (hint hint) loved the berries.

You’ve got the ludicrously large Vermont teddy bear. Yes, the one big enough to suffocate a herd of small children. That’s the one she’ll love when it takes up 20% of her bedroom floor space.

You’ve got the standard “we’ll deliver these roses to your significant other’s place of work so everyone there will be jealous not because you love them” company, too.




Buy the lie, gentlemen. If you just buy X, Y, and Z your significant other or spouse will love you forever because they love gifts that cost lots of money and require no thought.

I asked my wife if the TV channels focused on women had Valentine’s Day commercials like ESPN does. I can just see the Hallmark channel or Lifetime running lingerie ads nonstop leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Not that my wife watches those channels, but she did say she doubted that was happening.

Real Romance is Year-Round

Valentine’s Day isn’t the one day per year you should be romantic if you want to stay with the one you love. True romance happens throughout the year and without the cajoling of commercials. Here are some ideas to show your real romance throughout the year.

Buy Flowers at the Grocery Store

A dozen roses at my local Kroger grocery store run $9.99 to $12.99 depending on the time of year. What time of year the price is lower I have no idea because I don’t really plan ahead. Plus the difference is $3.

One of my favorite things to do is to show up at home after work with flowers. On a random Wednesday. For no reason.

Roses, sunflowers, the random assortment the store has out. Whatever works.

I wasn’t guilted into doing it, and my wife wasn’t expecting it. That’s romance.

Go to Dinner Any Other Night of the Year

Valentine’s Day Dinner “Specials” are typically giant ripoffs. It’s classic supply and demand. There are only so many seats in the restaurant, so the price goes up assuming there is enough demand.

Here’s a novel concept: go out to dinner a week after Valentine’s Day. Or literally any other day of the year. You’ll enjoy less crowding and normal pricing.

Hide Homemade Cards in Her Car and Purse

If you’re going to pay the Hallmark Premium and drop $3.99, $4.99, or more on a greeting card you go right ahead.

I personally think it is much more romantic to write out your own cards by hand and then hide them where your significant other can find them at a later date. It doesn’t have to be fancy — use printer paper or index cards to get started.

– – –

Valentine’s Day should simply be a reminder on your calendar to continue your romance throughout the year. It shouldn’t be the one day each year you decide to show each other affection. That’s my two cents, and I’m thankful I have an understanding wife, too.

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Crystal February 18, 2014 at 1:30 am

We like Valentine’s Day, but we also like being sweet the other days too. This past one was spent using a Subway sandwich gift card and watching Downton Abbey for free from Netflix while we sample their DVD plan. 🙂 No cards, no chocolates, etc.

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