Subscriber Swap Saturday

What is Subscriber Swap Saturday?

Bottom line: there are a bunch of personal finance blogs out there. Too many to find ones you will really enjoy easily. As a blogger this is a difficult problem to get past. Bloggers write because (hopefully) they have a passion for the topic they are writing on. It’s also nice to have people read and comment on your writing.

With Subscriber Swap Saturday I plan to interview, and be interviewed by, another personal financial blogger each week. We’ll each post our interviews (on our own blogs) on Saturday mornings.

Here’s the catch: I want my readers to subscribe to the blog of the person I interview each week and vise versa. Just try out that blogger’s blog for one week. Put the RSS feed in your reader for a week and try it out. Surely in one week you’ll find something you think is worth coming back for. If not? Drop them after a week.

I don’t have any set in stone requirements, but some general rules of thumb:

  • You can’t be a brand new blogger. This is supposed to be mutually beneficial so if you’ve written three posts total please wait until you’ve shown commitment to blogging.
  • Since this is about subscribers, you should have some. Not one, not two… more than 350 would be preferable. This links back to the first rule of thumb — you’re somewhat established with that many subscribers. Then again I remember starting out and needing to get some exposure on bigger blogs. I’m willing to be flexible.
  • I really, really, really prefer to work with people that have their own domain names. Just a personal pet peeve of mine — spend the $8 to get the domain name and stop using Blogspot.

Interested? Drop me an e-mail with your blog address and number of subscribers.

Past and Upcoming Subscriber Swappers: