The No Debt Plan

What is the No Debt Plan?

Simply put it is a list of advice in step format to help readers go from being in debt to getting out of debt to staying out of debt and creating wealth. That’s a long run on sentence, but I think it works. If you come across this page and you’ve already paid off your consumer debt then you can pick up reading in Step 5 — but you might want to go back and read everything to make sure you aren’t missing some important information.


  • #1 – An Honest, Positive Attitude
    • You can’t make any progress until you’ve decided to be honest with yourself about your situation.
  • #2 – A Long Term View
    • This is not going to be an easy quick fix. To make long lasting change you need to invest some time in the process.
  • #3 – Goals
    • There’s no point in the journey if you don’t have a destination.


  • #1 – A Budget
    • You need to tell your money where to go rather than it telling you where it went. It is a lot easier than most people think.
  • #2 – Achieve Free Cash Flow
    • More money coming in than going out.
  • #3 – An Emergency Fund
    • Disasters will strike — flat tires, air conditioning going out, the roof needs replacing… you need money set aside for these.
  • #4 – Pay Off All Consumer Debt
    • No more credit card or furniture store interest!
  • #5 – Revisit Your Goals and Budget
    • Stop for a minute and reassess your situation before continuing on.
  • #6 – Investing for Retirement
    • Put your money to work for you. Let time and compounding interest work for you rather than against you.

There is more to come, so stick around!

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